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SAP FICO Controlling Conference 2023 Highlights

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SAP FICO Controlling Conference 2023 Highlights

Here's an overview of the SAP Controlling Financials Conference 2023 Sessions


Pre Conference Sessions - Sunday, September 17th 


Introduction to Controlling in S/4HANA

By Marjorie Wright

marjorie 1

In this pre-conference workshop session Marjorie explained the changes in controlling master data and processes with S/4HANA. All attendees enjoyed this session, with many questions for Margie about new features in SAP S/4HANA. 


We learned about the importance of the Universal Journal, and how cost elements are integrated with general ledger accounts.
Some examples of the many questions for Margie include:

  • Do we really need to use SAP Material Ledger 
  • Is costing-based CO-PA  still relevant
  • Please compare SAP S/4HANA Profitability Analysis with Margin Analysis

Learn more about Marjorie Wright


Overview of Variances in S/4HANA

by Tom King

  tom 1










A variance is an indicator of non-conformance against a specific target quantity or amount. Variances occur in a variety of situations and require different tools to view and reconcile.  Posted differences occur against a standard that has been set for the transaction.  Understanding where the standard values are derived is important to manage the variances. Configuration is important to ensure that posted variances are real and to prevent extra work at the end of the fiscal period to understand what the “true” variances are. Some of the topics we covered included:

  • Overview of configuration tasks
  • Exploration of the different types of variances that can be seen in SAP
  • Variable and fixed costs and how these impact variance determination
  • Tools in S/4HANA that can be used to manage variances
  • Managing variances in the production environment

Learn more about Tom King


Introduction to Internal Orders & Project System

By Kent Bettisworth and Gerald Steele


SAP Experts Kent Bettisworth and Gerald Steele compared Internal Orders and Project System WBS Elements, exploring their definitions, benefits, risks, best practices, and S4HANA myths.

  • What is the basic difference between Internal Orders and WBS
  • How can you leverage the unique benefits of each project concept
  • What are the inherent risks, and how do you mitigate those risks
  • Which project best practices are fully supported by each project type
  • Which S4HANA myths regarding project functionality are true or false


DAY1 - Monday, September 18th


SAP PRESS - Future Direction of SAP Variance Analysis

Authors John Jordan and Janet Salmon

Interview by editor Emily Nicholls


Our Conference Keynote started with with a Live Interview with John Jordan and Janet Salmon by SAP PRESS Editor Emily Nicholls discussing their latest SAP Press book Production Variance Analysis in SAP S/4HANA. Several conference attendees commented that it felt like they were at a CNN interview!


Paul speaking 












Using the Extension Ledger for Predictive Accounting

By Paul Ovigele

The many takeaways included these key points:

  • The different types of Extension Ledgers and what they are used for
  • The difference between Predictive Analytics and predictive accounting
  • How to Set up the Extension Ledger for Prediction and Commitments
  • How the Extension Ledger works with Sales Order postings
  • How the Extension Ledger works with Purchase Order postings


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